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MANERA Exo Trapez - Ink blue

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249,00 EUR
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Acknowledging the limitations of existing products on the market, we wanted to develop and offer an innovative harness, which can significantly increase the
length of your sessions thanks to its comfort. This is why we worked with a human kinetic science lab to help us
on this project. Their scientific approach and knowledge of human morphology enabled us to create a harness providing
a level of comfort that was previously nonexistent.

The EXO harness has been developed to optimize load distribution and thus prevent the rider from having misplaced
pressure points such as on the floating ribs or lower back. We therefore have chosen to guide the pressure onto the sacrum or
iliac crest, which is anatomically much more suited to carrying loads. The body no longer has to compensate
for pressure on the wrong areas with muscle contractions or taking unnatural positions. This reduces the fatigue and
pain of the rider, allowing him or her to ride longer and with more comfort. The development of the EXO harness has
resulted in many innovations and the creation of new technologies.
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